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Wireless Web Internet/Intranet
BRandSONS LLC's Wireless Solutions practice combines business expertise, technical experience and development skills to bring wireless capabilities to clients.

Hand-held devices present a new medium for sites to attract visitors and increase site traffic. Mobile messaging and alerts can facilitate better real-time decision-making and overall customer advocacy.

We utilize best-of-breed technologies and methodologies to rapidly develop seamless wireless applications based on any platform and tailored towards any hand held device for immediate ROI.
One critical need in the IT enterprise is to enable customers, vendors and employees to access company information and resources.

It is essential for companies to develop a scalable web presence and integrate all enterprise applications to provide for a seamless flow of information across functional or departmental boundaries.

BRandSONS LLC's expertise in building scalable web-based solutions for company Internet, intranet and extranet applications for both B2B and B2C can be leveraged for your business needs.
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