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Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)



Products, Outputs, or Deliverables

Project Identification and Selection Organization's total information system (IS) needs are identified, analyzed, prioritized, and arranged. Priorities for systems and projects.
Architecture for data, networks, hardware, and IS management.
Project Initiation and Planning Potential IS project is explained and an argument for continuing or not continuing with the project is presented.
A detailed plan is also developed for conducting the remaining phases for the proposed system.
Detailed steps, or work plan, for project.
Specification of system scope and high-level system requirements or features.
Assignment of team members and other resources.
System justification or business case.
System Analysis Current system is studied and alternative replacement systems are proposed. Description of current system and where problems or opportunities are with a general recommendation on how to fix, enhance, or replace current system.
Explanation of alternative systems and justification for chosen alternative.
Logical Design All functional features of the system chosen for development in analysis are described independently of any computer platform. Functional, detailed specifications of all system elements (data, processes, inputs, and outputs).
Physical Design The logical specifications of the system from logical design are transformed into technology-specific details from which all programming and system construction can be accomplished. Technical, detailed specifications of all system elements (programs, flies, network, system software, etc.)
Acquisition plan for new technology.
Implementation The information system is coded, tested installed and supported in the organization. Code, documentation, training procedures, and support capabilities.
Maintenance The information system is systematically repaired and improved. New versions or releases of software with associated updates to documentation, training, and support.
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