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Medical Insurance Coverage
We provide HMO (A+) and PPO options and pays full premium for employees and dependents. Our HMO coverage also allows subscribers to go to a specialist without going through the primary care physician. Employees can choose to enroll in any of these programs. All plans include a prescription drug plan.

Dental Insurance
Our comprehensive dental insurance provides coverage for preventive, basic and major procedure for employees and their dependents.

Vision Insurance
Vision insurance covers regular eye examination and expenses for prescription glasses.

Long-term and Short-term disability Insurance
Our disability insurance program provides our employees protection against financial effects of a disabling injury or illness.

Life Insurance
Our Group term life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment benefits are provided to eligible employees. Employees may also elect to purchase supplemental life insurance for themselves.
401(k) plan
We offer 401(k) plan with Brandsons contribution to the eligible employees. This plan provides the ability to invest pre-tax earnings, subject to IRS limitations, in a variety of professionally managed mutual funds.

Yearly Bonus
Our all employees are eligible to participate in yearly bonus program.

Paid Vacations
All our employees are eligible to get paid vacation. The total paid vacation time depends on your role and length of service in Brandsons.

Annual Holidays
Our employees get 9 paid holidays per year.

Continuing Training
We give heavy emphasis on internal and external training.

Employee Ownership
We seek long-term relationships with our employees and all employees are eligible to get equity ownership in the company.
BRANDSONS LLC is an equal opportunity employer.
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